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Here are all the features that are included in WP Latest Posts plugin and a comparison between the Free version available on the WordPress plugin directory and the Pro addon version.
You can even get more details on each features by visiting the main product page.

Unlimited news block Create and configure an unlimited number of news block instances separately and load them wherever you want
Page builders and Text Editor Insert your recent content using block in page builders like Elementor or from the classic editor
1 Default theme Flexible default theme with advanced display configuration to build a news slider in no time
Lines and columns Select the number of columns and lines to be loaded side-by-side or stacked
Post, pages, categories Load your news by selection content from posts by category, categories list, page selection or WordPress tagged posts
Automatic animation Depending on the amount of content selected, a slider animation will be activated automatically
Quick content finder Quickly search through pages, posts, categories using our AJAX search engine. Finding your news has never been easier
News count Instantly display the news count that will be loaded depending on all the news block setup (content selection, number of item, pagination)
News offset option Select the number of news to avoid (offset value) before starting to load them
Image ration selection Select the image display ratio (1:1, 4:3,...) in each news block
Image loading optimization When loading a massive amount of news, images needs to be light. WP Latest Posts has an option to lazy load images and to select the image size
Page builders integration WP Latest Posts news blocks can be loaded anywhere on WordPress, it uses custom post type and generate shortcodes. It has been tested with all the major page builders
Display / Hide news elements All new block elements like the category, date, image... can be displayed or hidden
Custom CSS (advanced) Add custom CSS code in each news block
PHP Snippet (advanced) Copy & paste this PHP snippet into a theme file to display WP Latest Posts block
4 Masonry wall themes 4 additional masonry themes are available with a load more option to preserve performance while loading a massive amount of news
Sliders & timeline themes To complete the list of additional themes, the addon brings a timeline theme, a news slider and a portfolio theme
Automatically crop content Automatically crop your titles and news intro text or excerpt by selecting the number of words, chars or lines you want to load
Custom posts, taxonomy terms Load any custom post type with taxonomy as WordPress news. You can for example pickup WooCommerce products and select one particular category
WooCommerce and other plugins Use the power of custom post type to load content from any plugins (calendar, file manager...) including all WooCommerce content
Multilingual The plugin is integrated with Polylang and WPML multilingual plugins, meaning you can filter your news by language. Plus, it uses the JU translation tool for plugin translation
Tagged content Load any content with WordPress tags as news. It's pretty powerful for news selection and offer additional control over the content categorization
Multicategory options In case of a post or custom post that has several categories attached, you can select whether you want to load it in all categories or only once (OR vs AND)
News in date range Select an exact date range to load your news
News after/before date Pick Up a date and load news only created after/before it, or delay your news selection by days, hours or minutes
More image control The plugin Pro Addon adds some control over your images, you can set up image size with dynamic crop and custom spacing
Icon on hover Select an SVG icon from a library with a color to display on mouse hover
Open links in new window Select whether you want to open the post link in the same window or in a new window
Auto animation & Animation settings In some themes like sliders there are animation settings you can set up (animation type, duration, delay...)
Change the default image for news Select a default image to load when no image is present in the news
Top-notch support Our 2 levels support team is here to help you with your configuration or solve any problem you're facing with your website.
Yearly license price + support Get personal ticket support done by the developer for any issues you may find + Unlimited website install for Pro Addon of WP Latest Posts FREE - Community support49$ - UNLIMITED WEBSITES