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DropEditor, Joomla Rich Text and Code Editor

DropEditor brings to you and your users a unique experience in Joomla content edition. Whether you are an occasional or regular content redactor, DropEditor will save you a lot of time with unique inbuilt features. As an example, it contains a column creation tool that let you design your own layout. With the template editor tool, you can save and reuse your layout! You have also a really easy to use image & file manager, summary and button edition. The visual styles, titles and profiles edition will be perfect to give to your user some styles that fit your template. And it's totally open source and FREE!


Check the Joomla DropEditor and media manager


Editor is free, check prices of our amazing Drop Bundle


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Extension ready for  
Joomla 5!

This extension has a package compatible with Joomla 3, 4 & 5. It has been fully tested with the new and latest Joomla 5 stable version, stay updated!


Droppics, Dropfiles: Images and Files Management in Editor

Droppics, Dropfiles: Images and Files Management in Editor

Droppics is an image manager that has been built to be easy to use. You can easily upload images with drag'n drop, add lightbox or insert original image size in few clicks. There is also a full version available with tons of feature like gallery management.​ DropEditor got a file manager, Dropfiles Light you can upload multiple items with drag'n and drop and get your files designed and downloadable. A full Dropfiles version is also available with file category management, themes and a lot of other features.

For the membership subscribers, the best Joomla table manager is also integrated in your favorite editor toolbar.

Droptables, Joomla table manager included

Droptables, Joomla table manager included

Joomla Rich Text Editor, Live

Manage Columns in Text Editor

DropEditor got an exclusive column manager tool. Within a click, you can insert predefined equal & responsive columns or you can use the custom sized columns manager: Add a custom column number, setup column spaces and finally edit content from the editor.
Manage Columns in Text Editor
Save the Layouts Using the Template Manager

Save the Layouts Using the Template Manager

With the template manager you'll be able to save the layout you've built in an article in order to use it somewhere else. This tool is saving all the HTML content and structure from any article, so you can copy it where you want and just replace the content you want.

Link Editor: Link to Any Joomla Content in a Click

Hyperlink manager is one of the most important tool in an editor, so it has to be easy to use! The link editor is fully Joomla integrated and you make link to menu or any Joomla content, like articles, in a breeze.
Link Editor: Link to Any Joomla Content in a Click
Video and Sound Player Made Easy

Video and Sound Player Made Easy

Videos along with images is one of the most popular content used in the editor, DropEditor includes a video and sound manager. You can include in one click external videos or internal (from your server) video and sound files.

  • Youtube videos: embed video in one click or load it as popup
  • Youtube videos: define custom size and thumbnail
  • Vimeo videos: embed video in one click or load it as popup
  • Vimeo videos: define custom size and thumbnail
  • Local videos: load local video using a HTML5 player
  • Local sounds: load local sounds using a HTML5 player

Buttons Manager: Create, Save and Use Custom Buttons

Adding an action button usually require some HTML/CSS knowledge. It's no longer the case, you can create and save a set of buttons to use everywhere on your website.
Buttons Manager: Create, Save and Use Custom Buttons

Joomla Content Edition with Advanced Tools

Joomla Content Edition with Advanced Tools

DropEditor comes also with tools for more advanced users than all your redactor will enjoy:

  • Custom style editor: create some predefined styles per user profile and apply style in a click from your editor
  • Custom titles style override: Override your template titles style from a visual interface
  • Custom Google font selector is available (as an option)
  • Profile manager: Manage editor tools per user Joomla group
  • Colored source code edition: Edit HTML code with colored syntax, search and replace...
  • Include/Exclude editor from certain components
  • Custom color panel: Option in user profile that let you define a custom color panel
  • Import/Export edition profiles and custom styles

Advanced CSS editor tool extension

Webmaster Advanced Tools

Features in DropEditor

- All Additional Features included -

Setup custom links to menu or articles and categories, to lightbox or custom URL in no time using a quick search

DropEditor is fully integrated with Joomla ACL so you can define which user group have access to specified editor tools

Some default custom styles are included, so even if you're not familiar with CSS you can customize them
Move and order media and categories of media with drag'n drop, instant saved

Anchor Manager: Add anchors anywhere in your content and load it from the link manager

DropEditor can be use as an editor in frontend too, respecting the user access and Joomla components ACL

Insert a single image and add a lightbox on it in one click. The image thumbnail sizes is automatically generated

DropEditor is writing as much as possible the CSS and JS code in external files (not inline) for performance purpose

An optional media importer is available, you can browse your server folders and import multiple media


- Compatibility and 3rd party integration's with the extension -
DropEditor has a dedicated integration with K2. Load DropEditor as main editor in the CCK
Add a gallery to FLEXIcontent items and use Droppics to manage images in the CCK
DropEditor can be used in all Joomla extensions that call the Joomla content (the majority)

Extension language translations

Community translations included, create your own in few clicks! More information >>

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