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WP Meta SEO: Get a SEO and Marketing Report by Email

Improving your WordPress website’s SEO is one of the most important thing and what about keeping the SEO performance on top with Email report. WP Meta SEO addon got an Email report feature that allows you to send SEO Email report to you, your client, a marketing team or anyone. The reports includes: website SEO data, Google Analytics data, custom content. For more SEO features, get back on WP META SEO page

Setup Your Email SEO Report

The first step is to setup your SEO Email reports, one or several Emails can be added. It pretty useful to send the report to your client, a marketing team or just you! You can also define the sender Email, subject and the frequency:

  • Single report
  • Daily report
  • Weekly report
  • Monthly report

SEO Email report configuration with WordPress google Analytics data


Google Analytics Data in the Report

Yes, you read it right, all the Google Analytics data you can display from WP Meta SEO can be included in the report. Just pickup a period (last 30 days...), pickup a views (sessions, bounce rate...) an add it to your Email report. Everything will be transformed into a nice table and sent in your mail box.


Send WordPress Email SEO report


WP Meta SEO data in report

WP Meta SEO is constantly checking your website for any SEO improvement though various criteria, and report all that on the plugin dashboard. How about getting all this formation by Email when you want? Here's the information you can get in your report:

  • Meta titles completion
  • Meta description completion
  • Permalink structure change
  • Image HTML resized in content
  • Image title and alt completion in content
  • Link titles completion
  • 404 error detected and not redirected yet

Get WordPress SEO performance report by Email 


Custom Content in Email SEO Report

Send a custom Email to your client is very important, you can add your own design, his logo, some text to help him to understand the report. In fact you can add what you want because you got the WordPress editor at your disposal.

Email SEO report with custom content


Configure the Email Server

If you need to send a massive amout of Email or from a particular domain to avoid filters, this is possible through a configuration screen. You can use the WordPress default mail sender or your own SMTP. Futhermore, the SEO report can also be sent in PDF format.

Setup SEO Email report

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