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Speed Cache - Joomla Full SpeedUp

Speed Cache is the only extension that offers a global optimization in a single membership: Joomla Optimization + Image Compression. Furthermore, as our memberships are not limited by domain, you can run the same top notch optimization on all your websites!

1st Step: Joomla Full Optimization

Speed Cache first layer of optimization is applied to Joomla, full optimization features are:

  • Static file cache system
  • Gzip data compression
  • Browser caching
  • Group files: JS files, CSS files, Fonts
  • Resources minification: HTML, CSS, JS
  • Defer CSS and JS file loading (eliminate render-blocking JavaScript and CSS)
  • Automatic cache clean: by interval, on save
  • Cache preloading
  • Cache for logged In users
Joomla Full Optimization

2nd Step: Activate Image Compression and lazy loading

We highly recommend to use an image compression profesional tool. Speed Cache is integrated with ImageRecycle service, you'll get image compression quota included in your membership. The optimization algorithm is capable of reducing the file size of standard JPEG & PNG images by up to 85% (5x +), while the resulting photos are visually identical to the original photos. Here's our plan:

  • Speed Cache 1 year membership: get a 3 GB quota available for all your websites

On top of that you'll get the best in class Joomla pressive image lazy loading. Not images will be compressed but they'll get loaded progressively on scroll with a placeholder.



3rd Step: International Audience >> Activate a CDN

The use of CDN (Content Delivery Network) has been proven to be efficient especially if you have an international audience. It helps serving website media from a local source all over the world. A CDN integration is available with all the major CDN on the market like Cloudflare, Amazon Cloudfront, MaxCDN, KeyCDN and others.


Still Not Sure? Use our Chrome Extension

If the cache have been served using Speed Cache Joomla extension, the chrome extension will return a green symbol, if not it's grey, as simple as that! Furthermore, JoomUnited cache checker displays general information (apply to all websites):

  • Total page loading time
  • Varnish server cache
  • When the Varnish cache have been generated (current or previous request)
  • Details of the loading time by element: Waiting browser reply, Redirect (if any), DNS resolution, Connect to server
  • Details of the loading time by element: Content sending, Reveive, Unload time, Dom time, Load time
Speed Cache Prices
Choose a plan to get all features + Image Compression + Support and Updates

Instead of 547$

The Bundle provide access to ALL Joomla extensions and can be used on any websites. In addition, you will have full access to technical support and update on each extension for all year. 
The time is now!  Boost your efficiency and gain that competitive edge.  Give the bundle a try.

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