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SEO Glossary - A Dictionary With Definition Tooltip for Joomla

Get the most advanced glossary extension for Joomla. With SEO Glossary it's easy to define one or thousands of terms in your Joomla content. Create one or more categories (ie. Glossaries) and feed them with all the terms that you need to define, then tooltips and links to definition will appear automatically. With SEO glossary you can create multilingual dictionary, glossaries, a glossary of abbreviations, and much more! Give a better content to search engines and readers by adding real content and by generating automatic internal links with the definitions.


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Extension ready for  
Joomla 5!

This extension has a package compatible with Joomla 3, 4 & 5. It has been fully tested with the new and latest Joomla 5 stable version, stay updated!


Multiple Glossaries, Definitions, Alphabets

Multiple Glossaries, Definitions, Alphabets
SEO Glossary allows you to manage multiple glossaries on a single website with their own definitions and alphabets. There's absolutely no limitation regarding the number of definitions, glossaries or characters you can add.

Create Definitions Tooltips and Links in your Joomla content

Add content in few clicks and display definitions in various view in the same time. Indeed, once a definition is added, it's also displayed in the glossary view, as a tooltip and in a dedicated definition page. Furthermore, SEO Glossary comes with a Wikipedia integration that find for you the definition of the term and add the definition to your Glossary.
Create Definitions Tooltips and Links in your Joomla content

SEO Glossary is SEO Friendly

We've made the Joomla Glossary extension SEO Friendly from the beginning. Adding technical definition in your content can be a real SEO boost, furthermore you can take benefit of:

  • Additional internal linking To and Between definitions
  • The tooltip definition is adding search engine readable content
  • Each definition generate a new dedicated page
  • You can add meta information per definition
  • Total control on glossary and definition URLs
SEO Glossary is SEO Friendly

Themes for Glossaries and a Module for Joomla

SEO Glossary comes with 4 responsive themes and 2 definitions listing types. The definition can be displayed by row or as a masonry wall. Furthermore, a definition list and slideshow module is also included.
Themes for Glossaries and a Module for Joomla
Manage and Submit Definitions on Website Frontend

Manage and Submit Definitions on Website Frontend

Users can submit entries from frontend and you can be notified by a custom Email. Furthermore, it's fully integrated with Joomla ACL system for content edition. Meaning that you can setup who will have access to definition submission and edition.

Definitions: Import, Export, Update

An Import/Export tool is available based on .csv format. You have option to Import, Export definitions or to update them from a .csv file.
Definitions: Import, Export, Update

Feature Rich Glossary Extension

Feature Rich Glossary Extension

SEO Glossary comes also with additional features to do whatever you want with your glossaries and definitions in Joomla:

  • A Social Networks integration: display Facebook, Twitter and Google+ shares & likes in definitions
  • Disqus comments integration: Enable the famous comment system, Disqus, on your definitions
  • 2 Tooltips layout with fully customizable design, size, colors...
  • Get automatic definitions of your terms from an online dictionary
  • Add synonyms to your definitions
  • Dedicated search engine and integration with Joomla search

The Joomla Glossary, Live

Features in SEO Glossary

All Additional Features included
Setup custom link instead of going to the definition attached to the term

Get automatic definitions from Wikipedia in a click from the Joomla definition edition interface

Each definition and glossary have it's authors. It allows users to submit definition from frontend and notify admins

Define yourself the alphabet to load on frontend, it could any characters, including all world languages alphabets, symbols and numbers

Send custom Email notification in case of frontend definition submission

Add Meta information for each glossary and on the definition dedicated page. Each term definition can be a full and complete page of your website

SEO Glossary offers 2 tooltip designs with more than 50 settings of styles to do whatever you want

You can activate or disable all the additional features of SEO Glossary of your interface from the extension configuration

SEO Glossary offers the possibility to share/like definitions on social Networks or to use Disqus comments

Import and export your glossaries and definitions as CSV files. Re use definition through several websites

The SEO Glossary definition search engine has seral search options and filters like search for exact term, sounds like term, a term that begin with...

Use the Joomla native tag system to add a layer of internal links between your defnitions and glossaries


Compatibility and 3rd party integration's with the extension

K2 JoomlaWorks
SEO Glossary has a dedicated integration with K2. Load definitions Tooltips in K2 content
SEO Glossary has a dedicated integration with FlexiContent. Load definitions Tooltips in FlexiContent
Joomla CCK & Other Extensions

Joomla CCK & Other Extensions

SEO Glossary can be used in all Joomla extensions that call the Joomla content (the majority)
Siteground and hosted cache

SEO Glossary is fully compatible with YooTheme Pro and its layout library

Cache cleaners

SEO Glossary works with SP Page Builder

Joomla page cache


SEO Glossary is fully compatible with Quix page builder

Glossary Module

Glossary Module

A dedicated glossary and very flexible module is available. Load glossaries and definitions the way you want.
Work with all Text Editors
Definitions can be edited by any text editor including 3rd party content (ie. add an event in a definition)
Category Themes
4 Themes are included and 2 different definition listing are available.

Extension language translations

Community translations included, create your own in few clicks! More information >>

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