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WP Meta SEO, The Google Search Console WordPress Integration

WP Meta SEO Pro Addon comes with the Google Search Console integration. Connect the Google Search Console to WordPress in one click and get Google keywords suggestion based on the page you're optimizing. You can also Google for any keyword and get related recommendations.
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Google Search Console Keywords Based on your WordPress Page

Once you've connected the plugin with the Google Search Console, from your content edition you will have access to all the search queries (keywords) that have led users to your page. You can target the keyword in your content to get more traffic based on the number of click, the impression it has generated or your average position on the query.



Search for Custom Keywords in the Google Search Console

Additionally to the keyword related to a page URL, you can search to any keyword or expression and get the related ones from the Google Search Console. This is pretty handy to grow your traffic faster by targeting existing keyword you have on your domain.



Sort Keywords by Title, Click, Impression, CTR

The keywords have all the information you can find on the Google Search Console and you can sort the results by:

  • Keyword title
  • Keyword click generation
  • Keyword impression count
  • Average position in search results
  • CTR percent (Click Through Rate)
  • Date: from latest: week, month, 6 month, 1 year



The Google Search Console Data that Matters for Authors

The Google Search Console connection is very handy for authors that effectively create the WordPress content. It offers a simplified yet effective view of the data you can optimize for Google without leaving your website.



Automatically Submit Sitemaps to the Google Search Console

Connection the Google Search Console connection gis access to the sitemap section. In WP Meta SEO sitemap you can automatically insert new content based one custom selection, for example new item from a specific menu, and it'll be automatically send to Google after a modification.

Sitemap automatic submission to Google Search Console


How does the connection to the Google Search Console works?

Don't worry, you don't have to be a developer to connect to the Google Search Console :) All you have to do is login to your Google account, copy paste a code (token) to WP Meta SEO and you're done! Finally there's also the online documentation and our support team is available to help you with the setup.


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