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Welcome to the JoomUnited affiliate program!

Interested in promoting JoomUnited extensions and making money? Join our affiliate program and earn a 20% - 25% commission for every sale you refer by recommending your favorite WordPress and Joomla products!

Program details

  • 20% commission on every sale you generate using your referral link

  • 30-days affiliate cookie

  • Low payment threshold ($50)

  • Access to creatives (banners, emails) optimized to convert

  • Enjoy fast monthly payments through PayPal on 1st of each month

  • You can easily track commissions and create unique links

  • Get 25% commission when you reach $500/month

How the affiliate program works

All you have to do after signup is to recommend JoomUnited extensions using your affiliate link. You will get a 20% commission on each successful sale. Whether you are a website owner, a blogger, an influencer, or a business owner, you can make money by becoming an affiliate and recommending any of our professional Joomla or WordPress extensions.

When the visitors you refer click on your affiliate links, they will visit our website, and we will be able to track their purchases to your affiliate account. When they purchase a JoomUnited product, you will earn a 20% commission per sale (25% commission when you reach $500 commission/month).

What can I do with the program?

Not sure about what you can do or not? Just ask us the question here.

What you CAN do

  • Write articles about our extensions on your blog or website

  • Review one extension on your blog or YouTube channel

  • Publish banners and text links on your website

  • Create educational videos and post them on YouTube

  • Mention us in your podcast

  • Send your affiliate link to your peers

  • Email your newsletter’s subscribers

  • Use your affiliate link in organic social media posts

  • If you work with clients, share your affiliate link with them

  • Use any online training, educational platform, LMS...

What you CAN'T do

  • Use your affiliate link for your purchases

  • Post your affiliate link on a coupon, deal or cashback website

  • Offer an unofficial coupon or discount

  • Incentivize people with cash or cashback to purchase

  • Alter our logo or creatives without our written consent

  • Use any form of SPAM to promote an extension

  • Bid on JoomUnited trademarks in Google Ads or other PPC networks

  • Do not use any form of spam to promote our product

  • Get paid for a product review and also use affiliate links