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Below are the all the features that are included in DropEditor extension. You can even get more details on the feature by visiting the main product page.

Features in DropEditor

- All Additional Features included -

Setup custom links to menu or articles and categories, to lightbox or custom URL in no time using a quick search

DropEditor is fully integrated with Joomla ACL so you can define which user group have access to specified editor tools

Some default custom styles are included, so even if you're not familiar with CSS you can customize them

Add the Google fonts in the font selector, as an option, to reserve performance

Load DropEditor only in a selection of Joomla components intalled on your website

Move and order media and categories of media with drag'n drop, instant saved

Anchor Manager: Add anchors anywhere in your content and load it from the link manager

DropEditor can be use as an editor in frontend too, respecting the user access and Joomla components ACL

Search and replace any content in your visual editor content and in the HTML view

Create a panel of font colors for your redactors, so they are guided by your color panel

Insert a single image and add a lightbox on it in one click. The image thumbnail sizes is automatically generated

DropEditor is writing as much as possible the CSS and JS code in external files (not inline) for performance purpose

An optional media importer is available, you can browse your server folders and import multiple media

Generate and automatically update a summary with anchors of your Joomla article. Summary is based on Joomla article headings

The extension has inbuilt translation and you can create your own using the JU-Translation tool


Not sure about how to use the extension for your website? Additionally to the support our team can help you with the editor configuration questions you have.