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Below are the all the features that are included in SEO Glossary extension. You can even get more details on the feature by visiting the main product page.

Features in SEO Glossary

All Additional Features included
Setup custom link instead of going to the definition attached to the term

Get automatic definitions from Wikipedia in a click from the Joomla definition edition interface

Each definition and glossary have it's authors. It allows users to submit definition from frontend and notify admins

Define yourself the alphabet to load on frontend, it could any characters, including all world languages alphabets, symbols and numbers

SEO Glossary allows to define an icon per definition and add images as well as HTML in definitions

Add one or several synonyms to your definitions to help users comprehension

SEO Glossary got a dedicated advanced search engine and also works with Joomla search and Advanced search
Send custom Email notification in case of frontend definition submission

Add Meta information for each glossary and on the definition dedicated page. Each term definition can be a full and complete page of your website

SEO Glossary offers 2 tooltip designs with more than 50 settings of styles to do whatever you want

You can activate or disable all the additional features of SEO Glossary of your interface from the extension configuration

Restrict the SEO Glossary definition to be loaded in certain Joomla components, categories or menus

SEO Glossary can be use only as tooltip generator with definition in your content, without linking to dedicated glossary definition page

The extension is multilingual by glossaries and also includes JU translation tool

SEO Glossary offers the possibility to share/like definitions on social Networks or to use Disqus comments

Import and export your glossaries and definitions as CSV files. Re use definition through several websites

The SEO Glossary definition search engine has seral search options and filters like search for exact term, sounds like term, a term that begin with...

Use the Joomla native tag system to add a layer of internal links between your defnitions and glossaries

You can define the definition listing ordering per menu: alphabetical, by date, random or custom order

The Joomla read more can be used in tooltips to crop the content. On click on the link it redirects to the definition page

Speed Cache is fully based on Joomla framework. It has the double advantage of being light and 3rd party compatible


Not sure about how to use the SEO Glossary for your Joomla website?
Additionally to the support, our team can help you with the glossary setup on your website