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WP File Download, Sell Digital Downloads with WooCommerce

WP File Download Addon plugin adds the possibility of selling digital download products. In other words, you can use the power of a real file manager such as WP File Download with all the WooCommerce features, payment methods... What's more, Dropbox, Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive integrations and the Social Locker comes in the same addon!For more features, get back to the WP File Download product page >>

A Complete WooCommerce File Download Plugin

A complete WooCommerce digital downloads plugin

Manage files and categories of files from your WooCommerce product. It's easy and fast to create downloadable products associated to one or several WP File Download files.

Batch creates Digital Downloads products from WP File Download

Creating digital downloads is of course possible from WooCommerce, but you can also do it from WP File Download. Just navigate to plugin dashboard, within a few clicks you can quickly create a bunch of products. You can select one or multiples files in WP File Download to generate one digital download per file or one product with multiple files.

Batch creates products from WP File Download
File download in WooCommerce variable products

File download in WooCommerce variable products

WP File Download is available in WooCommerce variable products. It means that you'll be able to create variable products and for product variation use different file download. And still, all the full file management tool is available from the WooCommerce digital download product edition.

Dropbox, Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive in WooCommerce

WP File Download already got a full 2 way synchronization with Dropbox file download addon, Google Drive and Microsoft OneDrive. You can use the files from the cloud and make them available as WooCommerce digital downloads. And don't get me wrong, it's not using public links like in WooCommerce, file access is strictly limited by the cloud API connector.

Dropbox, Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive in WooCommerce
Advanced File Access On WooCommerce Digital Products

Advanced file access control on WooCommerce digital products

Once a file is added to a WooCommerce digital download, the WooCommerce Access limitation is applied right away. Furthermore, you can use the powerful file access control of WP File Download for additional restriction based on user role and actions on files.

Mix file download and WooCommerce digital download

If you're managing a virtual Ecommerce along with WP File Download, the WooCommerce Addon is the perfect integration. On frontend, you can mix free and commercial files, a different layout and action button will be activated when it's a product (add to cart, view product...). On admin side your WooCommerce files are perfectly integrated and linked to its digital download.

Mix file download and WooCommerce digital products
Remote Files as WooCommerce File Download

Remote files as WooCommerce file download

WP File Download is capable of handling remote file download of any format (download with an external file URL). You can use those files as WooCommerce downloadable products.

Use a single file as digital download

When a file is connected to a WooCommerce product, you can use the file download shortcode to insert a "Download" or "Add to cart" button, anywhere in your content.

Use a Single File as Digital Product
Watermark and protection for digital downloads

Watermark and protection for digital downloads

When selling images or graphic files, you want to protect them from direct download or screenshots. With WP File Download, apply watermark on your digital download images and generate a file preview with watermark using our previewer for non-visual files (like a PDF file).

Digital products customers orders statistics

The customer orders can be tracked either using the WooCommerce integrated statistics or the WP File Download ones. Download statistics can be filtered by single or multiple files and by date range.

Digital Products Customers Orders Statistics
WooCommerce Integration: Download Count and Date Limit

WooCommerce's integration: download count and date limit

WP File Download is taking advantages of the WooCommerce feature. The WooCommerce file download plugin allows to apply a limit, on the number of file download and a download expiration date, for active customers.

Combining digital downloads and physical products

This is also another WooCommerce integration advantage. You can use your shop to sell digital downloads and real products together, if you tick the Downloadable checkbox, you can manage your files with WP File Download and the product will be treated as physical products (and have stock, shipping methods...).

Combining Digital Products and Physical Products
Other WooCommerce File Download Integrations

Take full advantage of all WooCommerce features

WP File Download is taking full advantage of the WooCommerce integration. Once a product is created and associated you can use WooCommerce file download user page, email notification with file download direct links, all payment methods, order managements... well everything that is WooCommerce!

WooCommerce file download plugin video demo

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