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WP Meta SEO: Meta Title, Meta Description WordPress Plugin

Improving your WordPress website’s SEO and standing is easier said than done. Among a myriad of pages and posts, identifying problems and points of improvement can be a dull endeavor. WP Meta SEO’s and its addon are a companion extension to your WordPress website, allowing you to quickly find mistakes in your SEO handling, and thus fix them. For more SEO features, get back on WP META SEO page

Mass Edition of all your WordPress Meta Information

One of the standout features in WP Meta SEO is the new approach to edit and check content metadata in no time from everywhere: From the page, from the bulk editor or from the SEO dashboard.

Mass Edition of all your WordPress Meta Information

The Meta information bulk editor gives you the power to edit on a single grid:

  • The WordPress meta titles
  • The WordPress meta descriptions
  • The keywords
  • The Follow - NoFollow attribute 
  • The Index - NoIndex attribute 
Meta Titles and Descriptions Edition Made Easy

The edition interface got a lightning-quick AJAX saving, very useful to get a client website optimized in no-time. As you type and move from field to field, you’ll notice a progress wheel appearing next to the item you modified. In the meantime, you can keep improving your WordPress website’s metadata, safe in the knowledge that once the changes have been saved, you’ll be notified!

WP Meta SEO allows you to copy titles into the meta title fields. You can either copy all content titles, or only selected posts, pages or custom post types. The changes are made only on empty meta title fields, ensuring you don’t lose any content you tailored yourself.

OnPage SEO Content Checker

WP Meta SEO has also greatly facilitated page optimization. Beneath your content, you will now get an evaluation of your SEO performance, including tips on what went wrong.
The percentage score is based on seven different factors. Firstly, the post or page is assessed on whether words in the title also appears in headings and in the content respectively. A warning is also given if the title of the content is not the same as the URL of the page or post.

OnPage SEO Content Checker

Metadata is invaluable when it comes to SEO, and the next evaluation indicators are based on the presence of a meta title and description. The last two factors deal with images. More specifically, they ensure that there are no images that are resized incorrectly through HTML, and that all pictures in your content have a meta title or an alternate description.

OnPage SEO Content Checker
Make the SEO Accessible

Tips can be obtained by hovering the different factors, giving you that final push to improve your WordPress website’s search engine ranking.

Make the SEO Accessible

Just below the score indicator you can also provide follow and indexing instructions for search engine bots when dealing with your content. Standing out from the competition is a chore, not to mention the tedious task of locating and isolating SEO issues. The WP Meta SEO and addon for WordPress is the answer to these woes, with guidelines that allow you to zero in on issues and fix them with ease.

DoFollow | NoFollow WordPress Content

The next introduction comes into play if you want some links to be excluded from being followed, and thus affecting their content’s SEO ranking. In these cases, WP Meta SEO allows you to include instructions for nofollow or dofollow. These instructions can be provided when editing the posts or pages themselves, or from the same content meta page. Adding instructions is simply a matter of navigating to the page or post you want to modify, and turning the follow instruction on or off.

DoFollow NoFollow WordPress Content
Meta Data on a dashboard with real time Email notification

From the dashboard you can check your meta information ratio. All this information can be Emailed in real time using our notification system included in the plugin addon. Select the meta information you you want, setup the Email frenquency and you or your client can get all this information inbox.

Meta Data on a dashboard with real time Email notification
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