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Minify and Group CSS, JS and Font Resources to Speed Up Joomla

Speed Cache for Joomla got a tool to do the group and minification of your website resources. The feature includes a powerful tool to avoid conflicts while keeping the maximum of performance. Indeed, you can scan for files loaded on frontend, JS, CSS and fonts, then activate the group and minify feature per file. For more features, get back to the main plugin page >

Minify CSS and JS Files

Minify your Joomla CSS and JS Files

In Speed Cache for Joomla, you can minify all your CSS and JS Files by enabling a simple setting. From there you can exclude some specific files from the minification process by adding URLs or by scanning some of your sever repositories to uncheck them.

Group your Joomla CSS and JS Files

In terms of Joomla optimization file group is one of the best optimization you can do, especially on a website with a lot of extension loaded. This feature is also the most advanced because it requires some testing on your live website to avoid conflict. The single file exclusion from group can help you with that along with inline JS code exclusion setting or the group from head only.

Group your CSS and JS Files
Group all Joomla web fonts

Group all your Joomla web fonts in a single file

Similarly to the group CSS and JS files feature, you can Joomla theme font and Google fonts into a single file. Fonts with their various style can represent a weight, so your site will definitively load faster than before.

Custom resource exclusion with visual selector

Besides minify or group files features, you can exclude the JS, CSS files from minification and group process using a repository scan tool. For example you can scan your template folder and find all the CSS, JS and font files located here, then just click directly on the toggle button in the exclude column or select multi files then hit the toggle state button to make a batch exclusion.

Custom resource exclusion
Defer CSS and CSS file loading

Defer CSS and CSS file loading

This is a setting that is recommended by Google speed tests when the first content display of your page is too long. Your website could be blocked by a CSS or JS files loading. So, you can defer to the end of your page all your CSS and JS file loading with, as an option, a nice fade or loader effect.

Scan your website CSS, JS and Font files

You can see all CSS, JS, Font files on your site after a few minutes by clicking the Scan button. In the listing table, there contains Javascript, CSS and Font columns which help you to navigate the target files rapidly.
Scan your website CSS, JS and Font files
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