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WP Meta SEO, The WordPress SEO Friendly Plugin

The WP Meta SEO plugin gives you a full control over your WordPress website's SEO with accurate, accessible tools. WP Meta SEO comes with time-saving features, including a meta information bulk editor, an image SEO optimization, a powerful XML sitemap generation and a redirect manager. The latest Pro version comes with a unique Google Search Console integration that suggests the best keywords to add in your content, using Google data!


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all included, unlimited websites


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WordPress SEO plugin checker
SEO dashboard

Check the SEO status of the WordPress website

SEO content score

Check your SEO content score with comprehensive criteria

Meta information

Edit WordPress meta information inside the WordPress post or with the bulk editor

A WordPress SEO plugin you can understand

We're here to help you get the best SEO ranking, and that's why we've built an understandable WordPress SEO plugin. You got:

  • A dashboard that summarizes all the SEO criteria that needs to be improved
  • An on-page analysis that helps you with fixing the main SEO mistakes
  • A pre-configured sitemap tool to submit to Google
  • A suggestion of keyword based on Google data while editing your content
Bulk meta editor on WordPress
Bulk meta edition

List and modify all meta titles and description from a separate WordPress content listing

Batch actions

Apply batch SEO optimization on several WordPress contents

The fastest meta editor on WordPress

Meta titles and descriptions content editing is faster than ever before and can be done from the content itself or from a dedicated interface. On the other hand, the bulk meta editor is simply the fastest process implemented in a WordPress SEO plugin to edit all your meta. You get tools like bulk copy titles as meta titles, filtering and searching in post types and automatic saving. It's saved automatically with AJAX and readily available online! The Pro Addon includes a duplicate meta title and description checker.

Use the Google Search Console data for your SEO directly in WordPress

WP Meta SEO Pro Addon comes with the Google Search Console integration. Connect the Google Search Console to WordPress and get Google keywords suggestion based on the current page you're optimizing. You can also ask Google for any keyword and get related recommendations, still from the WordPress admin!

Google Search Console Data for WordPress
Keywords or URL

Search for content suggestion in the Google Search Console, from the WordPress admin. Filter keyword suggestion by another expression or with a page URL.

Load keyword from URL

Load directly all the keywords associated to the URL, with a single click

Click and impressions

Sort the ranked WordPress content from your Search Console by click or impression

Elementor SEO optimization optimizer plugin

Elementor SEO optimization optimizer plugin

WP Meta SEO is fully integrated with Elementor page builder. While building your page with Elementor blocks, you'll have direct access to page title, meta information, SEO analysis and custom keyword check.

Keep your WordPress images displayed at their native size

It's critical for SEO to display images at their natural size i.e. an image with dimensions 250px by 250px should be displayed with a size of 250px by 250px. Thankfully, WP Meta SEO includes a unique tool that dynamically resizes all your WordPress images in one click when required. As a result, it improves your site's speed and design and overall your SEO performance.

Image resizing SEO plugin
WordPress image information editor

WordPress image alternate, title and information quick edition

Image's alt, title, legend and description attributes are not something you usually care about when you optimize a website for SEO at the beginning. Nonetheless, it’s essential! Those images' information adds content to your page and help you to be more present in image searches. The plugin includes an image optimization check on each page and a bulk editor interface where you can edit:

  • Image file name (replaced in content)
  • WordPress Image title
  • WordPress Image alt tag
  • WordPress Image legend
  • Image description

Manager of WordPress 404 errors and redirection

The 404 and redirect manager is a tool that allows you to handle all 404 errors you can encounter on WordPress, both from external or internal content. The tool comes with the following features:

  • Crawl your content and index all internal 404 errors
  • Track external websites for 404 error generation
  • Index 404 on media
  • Create WordPress custom redirect
  • Custom redirect based on rules
  • Store 404 hit count per URL
  • Remove all 404 link in content from WP Meta SEO
  • Run automatic check on 404 and get Email report
404 errors and redirection plugin
Sitemap XML and HTML generator for WordPress

Sitemap XML and HTML generator for WordPress

The sitemap generator has been built for final users. Make your content selection, including WordPress menus and generate XML + HTML sitemaps in no time. All features:

  • Generate automatically XML and HTML sitemaps
  • Sitemap source: menus, posts, categories, pages, author, custom post
  • Automatically submit sitemap to the Google Search Console
  • Setup update frequency and priority for each link
  • HTML sitemap display with 3 columns 
  • Plugin Addon: automatic sitemap link checker
  • Plugin Addon: 2 HTML sitemap themes, accordion and tabbed
  • Add link in the robot.txt
  • Copy and sync an XML sitemap to server root

Get a WordPress SEO status email report in your inbox

SEO optimization is therefore hard to imagine without Google Analytics analysis. We've included in the plugin an easy way to enable Google Analytics tracking in 2 clicks. Then, from the WordPress admin you'll get access to all the stats that matter with graph view, clean data tables and up to 100 different statistics screen view.

WordPress SEO status email report
Flexible News Plugin WP latest Posts

WooCommerce and 3rd party plugins integration

If you’re running WooCommerce, using a page builder, or any other custom post type plugin - in fact the majority of the WordPress plugins - WP Meta SEO will work for you! You’ll be able to fill and fix all SEO content right from your WordPress product or custom post type or from the bulk editor. Plus you can import all meta from the Yoast SEO plugin and the All-in-one SEO plugin.

Google Analytics WordPress integration

Included in the plugin Pro Addon only: Improving your WordPress website’s SEO is one of the most important thing and what about keeping the SEO performance with an eye on Analytics data? WP Meta SEO plugin can display a proper view of the Analytics data without leaving the WordPress admin.

Google Analytics WordPress integration
WordPress local business SEO

WordPress local business SEO Optimization

Display your local business nicely in Google search results using the Local Business structured data information. Fill the form, the plugin will do the rest!

WP Meta SEO vs Yoast SEO plugin: Comparison and data migration

On plugin install, if Yoast SEO is detected, you can run a full meta import. Check it out, it done in one click. Hit the link below to compare WP Meta SEO and Yoast SEO features.

WP Meta SEO vs Yoast SEO plugin
WordPress SEO for the WordPress Gutenberg editor

WordPress SEO for the WordPress Gutenberg editor

All the WP Meta SEO features are available in the WordPress Gutenberg editor as well as other page builders like Elementor or DIVI builder. From the Gutenberg editor use our Page analyzer and keyword suggest in a comfortable full width layout. Of course the WordPress classic editor is also supported.

The WordPress SEO plugin in video

All the optimization you can do to your WordPress SEO

Features in WP Meta SEO Free version

- Features included in the FREE plugin version -

Edit WordPress meta titles, descriptions, from a unique bulk interface  and get all your website meta filled in few minutes

Generate and send manually Sitemap XML to the Google Search Console. Create HTML sitemaps from a content selection

Once an internal or external 404 error in detected, add a redirection in one click

Dynamically replace images that are resized in HTML by a right-sized image, directly in your content

Select pages, posts or menus to automatically include to your HTML and XML sitemaps

Enable Google Analytics tracking using a Google one click authentication. Display Google Analytics data in WordPress admin

Edit image information from a bulk editor: file name, title, description, alternate text, legend. Get  image SEO optimized in no-time

Run a global check in your content for 404 errors and index external 404 error generated.

Implement rich snippet compatible breadcrumb in your website with a full control on the display and links

Features in WP Meta SEO Pro Addon

Features included only in the WP Meta SEO Pro Addon version


During the content edition, you can get all the keywords related to the page, suggested by the Google Search Console. or you can just search for Google keywords


Send Email report with WP Meta SEO content like 404 errors, duplicate meta, content updates... and Google Analytics custom data


Run automatic sitemap link check to detect errors on sitemap links


Edit the meta information for the WooCommerce product categories ie.your products listing


Check for duplicate meta titles and descriptions. Fix it in one click  using the bulk meta editor


Include WordPress Custom Post Type in your sitemap. Add for example WooCommerce or your event manager content in your XML/HTML sitemaps


Filter your content by language in the meta and image bulk edition. Generate sitemap by WPML and Polylang languages


Redirect URL in one click using the WordPress link manager (Gutenberg link manager)


Automatically run 404 error check in background, in all your content. then get an Email report in your inbox!


Automatically submit your sitemap to the Google Search Console when updating your content. Index your page URLs faster than ever


Add rules to automatically redirect a set of URL, a custom URL or 404 errors


Add Google Business Local Information for your website and get your business information displayed in search results


Compatibility and 3rd party integration's with the plugin

Ready for Multilingual

WP Meta SEO is fully integrated with WPML & Polylang. Filter and optimize SEO of your content by language

15000+ active users can't be wrong. The plugin has been tested on tons of themes providers

WP File Download developer documentation

All Page Builders

WP Meta SEO works with all other major page builders: ACF, SiteOrigin, Themify, Elementor and Live Composer page builders...

Plugin language translations

Community translations included, create your own in few clicks! More information >>

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