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WP Table Manager, the WordPress database editor plugin

One of the main feature of WP Table Manager plugin is to generate tables from your WordPress website database. Select some tables, columns from the database, apply some optional filters then manage tables from WP Table manager interface. Your table is incremented automatically on database updates, and you edit tables! Furthermore, you got some sorting, filters, automatic design, pagination options. For more features, get back to the main plugin page >

Visual connection to the WordPress database content

From the WordPress database content to the table editor

If you're not a developer, you can visually connect any database content to your table editor. All tables and columns from your database are listed while creating a new table from database content.

Search and select database columns

From your website database, you can run a quick search and select your tables and columns. This is pretty handy in a large database. Furthermore, a wizard is here to help you with the table from the database step by step.

Select and search one or several database columns
Make your WordPress database editable

WP Table Manager as a database editor plugin

The tables from the database you've created, can be edited like any other tables (if the user have access to that sensible feature). This is pretty convenient to batch edit some database data like, for example, several post publication dates that would have taken a while if done one by one.

Protect database cell range from being edited

With WP Table Manager you can lock column cells from being edited. The database column lock will prevent some user from editing them. The database table column protection is done by user role.
Protect database cell range from being edited
Run custom queries on database

Run custom queries on database

In the final step before previewing the table from database, you can create your custom query on the database tables selected. We support some functions, such as: SELECT, REPLACE, RENAME, SHOW, EXPLAIN, DESCRIBE.

Default database pagination and WordPress data ordering

A database table often comes with a large number of rows, so this option may help to display a table that fits into your screen. Besides, you can select a predefined amount of rows of the table, per page. Moreover, you can also choose a column to sort the whole table by default.

Default database pagination and WordPress data ordering
Connect external non WordPress table

Connect external, non WordPress, database tables

The WordPress database table connection is not limited to WordPress tables only. All the tables which are not from WordPress but installed on the same database can be used and edited.

Add custom database display conditions

Among the huge data on your table, you can create a few custom rules to concentrate on a specific object. If you're familiar with it you can play with the database operators like >, <, LIKE, IN...

Add custom WordPress display conditions
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