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Below are the all the features that are included in My Maps Location extension. You can even get more details on the feature by visiting the main product page.

Features in My Maps Location

- All Additional Features included -

3 layouts for search and results are included by default and can be used on the same website
My Maps Location is integrated with various extension for ratings, reviews and comments
Add contact to your location with a contact form in a lightbox, a mailto link or a custom link
From the configuration, you can define the radius search values you want (in Km or Miles)

Use the native Joomla tag system over your locations. Then allow  your customers filter your locations using tags

Allow users to limit the location search by continent, country and regions

Filter your locations search by categories and sun categories

Get location search statistics with details about the search requests amount, the user location of the search and the distance

When several places are located in the same area and the zoom is too large, load a cluster with the location number that you can enlarge on click

The design you want: select a map provider, a map design and color and use one the 5 marker icon set included

Full WYSIWYG editor for location description. Add the content you want and call plugins in it
You can redirect users to a custom link instead of the location detail view
The extension has inbuilt translation and you can create your own using the JU-Translation tool

Locations results list is based on Masonry (responsive) and includes an automatic word cropping for location descriptions

Add a location to your joomla articles. Search for location and load a Joomla article as result

You can limit the number of search results to avoid big requests if you have a large amount of locations amount

Define a default ordering for location search results: by distance, by date, alphabetical

Change the location search engine background image to make it fit to your website design

Geolocate automatically all the places nearby, works on desktop and mobile
Trace route from your location or from any address or redirect to the Google route calculation
Find places with various search queries: Auto geolocation, type a location name or type an address
My maps location got an Import/Export tool for locations. Import/Export/Update locations from a local .csv file
The zoom on the map is automatically adjusted for your locations or you can force the level

Search for a location and launch a route calculation from any address or from your location

Add Joomla custom fields to your locations. Any custom field is supported and will be loaded on the location page

Add Google Maps layers to your map: KML, traffic, transit, bicycling layers supported

Load Google places information and import it to your location information, along with users reviews and ratings


Not sure about how to use the extension for your website? Additionally to the support our team can help you with the map questions you have.