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WordPress SEO Friendly Images and HTML Resize

Improving your WordPress website’s SEO is one of the most important thing and what about keeping the SEO performance on top with image optimization. WP Meta SEO is doing that for you with several tools like, a bulk image information editor, a bulk image replacer to avoid HTML resizing. What's more, the plugin detects where the optimization can be made and make it for you without even opening the content. For more SEO features, get back on WP META SEO page

Fix the Image HTML resizing

The HTML resizing is usually done in WordPress using handles on an image in the editor. It means that the original image size will be loaded even if the display size is different. This is a big problem because loading a 3000px image displayed @ 300px can be really bad regarding performance and display quality. You can now fix that automatically and dynamically replace images in your WordPress content, even if the image is used in several content (page, post…). You don't need to open the content where the image is placed!


The plugin will detect all the HTML resized images and resize it for you

replace resized image 


Mass Edit of Your Image SEO Information

Images meta and information, is not something you usually care about when you optimize a website for SEO. But it’s important! it add content to your page and help you to get present in image search. The main problem is that there’s a lot of images to edit and each image can be used in several posts, pages… that’s why we’ve included the image meta and info optimization check in a bulk edition interface. You’ll be able to edit:

  • Your image in context, information related to the content where the image is currently placed
  • Image file name, replaced in the content without broken links
  • Image titles
  • Image alternate tags

The interface includes an AJAX instant save feature and a bulk copy tool for:

  • Image file name to alternate text
  • Image file name as image title


Image title text and alt text bulk edition



Image Resizing in the OnPage Content Checker

This image resizing and information is important, so it's also included in our OnPage content checker. It will be detected once you edit a page, post... and you'll get information how to fix it right away.

Image HTML resize replaced in content


Image Optimization Information in Email report

WP Meta SEO is constantly checking your website for any SEO improvement though various criteria, and report all that on the plugin dashboard. How about getting all this formation by Email when you want, including image information mentioned above?

  • Meta titles completion
  • Meta description completion
  • Permalink structure change
  • Image HTML resized in content
  • Image title and alt completion in content
  • Link titles completion
  • 404 error detected and not redirected yet

Send WordPress Email SEO report


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