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WP Table Manager WordPress plugin: import and synchronize Excel data

An Excel import and export tool is available for each table, save a lot of time by importing and editing your Excel file on the fly. Be even more productive by using the Excel server file synchronization! Select an Excel file to automatically synchronize, make any modification, and it's live on your website, that's it. For more features, get back to the main plugin page >

Import Excel content in WordPress as table

Import Excel sheet as table data or import Excel file with styling

WP Table Manager is a WordPress plugin really dedicated to Excel. Indeed, the Excel file importer is quite advanced. You can import the Excel data only and transform it as an editable table, or import the Excel file with its style. Excel-style includes colors, backgrounds, column size, links...

Synchronize table data with a WordPress Excel table

Manage your table from Excel and automatically publish it on your WordPress website! From the WordPress media manager, you can upload an Excel file that will be used as a data source for the table. From the table settings, browse your server, select your Excel file, and activate the synchronization.

Synchronize table data with a WordPress Excel table
Automatic Excel table synchronization

Automatic Excel table synchronization

The synchronization between your WordPress table and the Excel file can be done automatically on a regular basis, between one minute and one day. The automatic synchronization delay can also be defined to avoid unwanted WordPress public table update or in order to save server resources in case of a very large table.

Import and edit the Excel table content from WordPress

After importing a table from an Excel file, all the data can be edited, this is just a regular WordPress table editable in a spreadsheet interface! All the WP Table Manager feature are available like the responsive table options, the Elementor and DIVI integrations, the table user access control... 

Import and edit the Excel table content from WordPress
Download your WordPress table as an Excel table

Download your WordPress table as an Excel table

On the other hand, after creating a nice designed table with all the data you want, you can export it as a regular Excel table and, for example, re-run an import of the updated Excel sheet later. The table export as an Excel sheet can also be executed on WordPress frontend, by your users (as an option).

Excel to WordPress video demo

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