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Monitor Your WordPress 404 Errors and Redirect Your URLs

Having broken links in your WordPress website is not just an inconvenience for your users, but it also sends a message of unprofessionalism. Keeping track of all the links on your website and their status is neither practical, nor productive. And that is where WP Meta SEO and it's addon comes in. The addon brings some advanced features like automatic broken link checker analysis, custom redirect, redirect rules, Google Search Console integration. For more SEO features, get back on WP META SEO page

Internal and External Broken Links Check & Fix

The internal broken link checker tool can crawl and index all the broken links you have in your content. It’s indexed in AJAX with a a progress bar that help in case of a massive amount of content (10000+ posts). When you got broken links indexed, from the 404 & redirect panel you can either:

  • Create a custom redirect (301, 302, 307, permanent redirect)
  • Edit the original content to fix the broken link
  • Remove the broken link 
  • Add a link to existing content using the WordPress link manager

Wordpress internal broken links check and fix


WP Meta SEO is going beyond that by indexing the external links that generate 404 errors on your website. For example a referral website have an old URL that doesn't exist anymore on your website and bring a lot of broken traffic? No problem the traffic source is indexed with the amount of 404 clicks and you can easily redirect it.

404 error from external source redirect


The Easiest WordPress Redirect Manager

The redirect manager will index all the 404 errors generated on your website with the number of hits, source, text… Then you’ll be able to redirect to any URL in one click.

One click WordPress redirect manager


Automatic Error Index and Redirect Rules

The WP Meta SEO Addon also includes an automatic 404 errors index with a scheduler, which can be launched, for example, before sending an Email report. Furthermore, you can use the regular expressions to redirect several URL with one rule.

Automatic index 404 errors and apply redirect rules


Redirect Google Search Console Broken Links

Google, through the Search Console, is also indexing its own 404 that occurs on your domain when he crawls it. There's a part of those 404 URLs that are relevant and needs to be fixed. WP Meta SEO addon includes a quick connector to the Google Search Console, then you'll be able import the 404 URLs and do a redirect. Your redirect send instantly a request to Google telling him that it's fixed. 

Google Search Console 404 errors import and fix


Run Automatic Error Check and Get Email report

WP Meta SEO is constantly checking your website for any SEO improvement though various criteria, and report all that on the plugin dashboard. How about getting all this formation by Email when you want, including your 404 errors report mentioned above?

  • Meta titles completion
  • Meta description completion
  • Permalink structure change
  • Image HTML resized in content
  • Image title and alt completion in content
  • Link titles completion
  • 404 error detected and not redirected yet

Send WordPress Email SEO report


404 Error Page and Global Redirect

For a quick fix your can redirect all 404 pages to home page or you got options for your 404 pages. You can use the default 404 page design provided or even custom your own! It's a fast as changing a setting in the plugin configuration.

Index WordPress content internal broken links

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