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Make Joomla load faster with a CDN like Cloudflare or any other CDN

CDN are serving website images, JS, CSS... files from a closer server to your users all over the world. Furthermore, as image compression and lazy loading are included in Speed Cache, media loading time will have a minimal impact on performance. For more features, get back to the main plugin page >

Add your Joomla media to a CDN network

Add your Joomla media to a CDN network

CDN offer ultra-fast static and dynamic content delivery over a global server network. Once activated you CDN, you can serve all your Joomla media closer to your customer, for example if a customer is an Asia your CDN will deliver the content (image, CSS, JS files) from a server in Singapore. With Speed Cache, you can control what Joomla files, media you want to serve through the CDN.

Use any CDN with Joomla

Speed Cache supports any major CDN on the market like Cloudflare, Amazon CloudFront, MaxCDN, KeyCDN,... The configuration is adaptable to any CDN on the market through a simple setup requirement that is the CDN URL and as an option some specific Joomla resources filtered by URL.

Use any CDN with Joomla
Filter Joomla files type to use with the CDN

Filter Joomla files type to use with the CDN

The file types you want to be loaded using the CDN can be configured using the file format extension. Usually all the web files are sent through the CDN like css, js, png, svg, doc... but it happens that in case of dynamic content issue you want to exclude some, that's possible here.

Cloudflare automatic cache cleanup

Cloudflare has a specific integration with Speed Cache that allows to clean all or a part of the cache while cleaning up the Joomla and Speed Cache data. The Cloudflare custom URL purge is also supported.

Note that this feature is compatible with the automatic cache cleanup on save.

Cloudflare automatic cache cleanup
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