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Tag Transform, The Tag Manager Module for Joomla

Tag transform is a unique extension that displays your Joomla native tags in a nice way, automatically. The Joomla tag system enhances the content management in Joomla. All your articles can have tags and then create a semantic link with all tagged content. But how about automatically adding your tag in a module and display tags in various way? Tag transform module allows you to display your tag as: menu, drop down accordion because tags got levels in Joomla, drop down list, flat view and 3D view. Everything is coming with nice designed themes and a lot of display options.


Check the Tag Transform design and view demo


Extension price is $34,
all included, unlimited websites


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Extension ready for  
Joomla 5!

This extension has a package compatible with Joomla 3, 4 & 5. It has been fully tested with the new and latest Joomla 5 stable version, stay updated!


From Joomla Tags to Dropdown Menu

From Joomla Tags to Dropdown Menu
Add Joomla Tags to your content with tag and sub-tags (tag levels), and Tag Transform will automatically change it into a dropdown menu list with link to related items.

From Joomla Tags to Tag cloud

Add Joomla Tags to your content with tag and sub-tags (tag levels), and Tag Transform will automatically change it into a tag cloud module with link to related items. Themes available are:

  • Tag flat view
  • Tag round view
  • Tag 3D view
  • Tag dropdown list view
From Joomla Tags to Tag cloud

3rd Party Extension Integration

Tag Transform got integration with 3rd party Joomla extensions tag system:

  • EasyBlog tag system
  • K2 tag system
  • Mosets Tree tag system
  • Add your own custom tags in module
3rd Party Extension Integration

Advanced Display Settings

Tag Transform module got tons of display configuration to pickup the best setting to fit your template design.​ Absolutely no CSS is required, just color picker and setting values.
Advanced Display Settings

Joomla Tag Module, live

Features in Tag Transform

All Additional Features included
All tag module themes are responsive without any action from your side
In each tag module you can add your own custom tags with link to an external content
Display or hide the number of element attached to a tag
Tag Transform is fully based on the Joomla framework. It has the double advantage of being light and 3rd party compatible
Some tag themes are CSS based only, meaning that it's really fast to display
Load several modules on the same page with for every module its own configuration

The extension has inbuilt translation and you can create your own using the JU-Translation tool

Maintain websites with commercial plugins can be very painful. Tag Transform is GPL and using Joomla standard updater
The tag themes including dropdown list are incremented automatically when a new tag is added
Limit the number of tag displayed and define an order (by name, by number...)
The 3D tag cloud got more options, define: zoom, transition effect, rotation speed
Tag Transform extension package includes all the 3rd party integration and features. No hidden fees, no additional addon!


Compatibility and 3rd party integration's with the extension

Item Rating Module
Tag Transform is a module only, based on the Joomla native tag component
Works With all Text Editors
Tag Transform works with K2 extension. Load K2 tags in Tag Transform module
Joomla CCK & Other Extensions

Joomla CCK & Other Extensions

Tag Transform has a specific integration with other Joomla extensions like EasyBlog, Moset Tree

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Tag Transform Prices

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The Bundle provide access to ALL Joomla extensions and can be used on any websites. In addition, you will have full access to technical support and update on each extension for all year. 
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